Most Important Benefits of Gun Safe

At some point in every gun owner's life, you have to decide where you're going to store your collection.

Whether that collection consists of one revolver or an assortment of rifles, shotguns and handguns, you'll want to secure your weapons in a gin safe. And the information you should consider are main gun safe benefits.

For decades, the gun safe has been one of the most popular ways to store, organize, and protect guns. But what makes gun safes the best choice? And what's the best gun safe for your specific needs?

Benefits of Gun Safe

As a gun owner, here are the reasons I felt a gun safe was the right option for me.

Controlling Access to Your Guns

There's nothing more important than safety when it comes to guns. A major part of gun safety is controlling who has access to your guns.

While even the best gun safe isn't impenetrable, a safe makes it much more difficult for anyone to gain unauthorized access to your collection.

Depending on the safe, entry may require a key, inputting a combination, or scanning your fingerprint if it's a biometric safe.

While biometric safes typically cost the most and they require a power source, they are the most effective way of protecting your guns, as only someone with an authorized fingerprint can open the safe.

Combinations can be guessed or cracked with enough time, and keys can be found, especially if you leave the key anywhere near the safe.

If you don't leave the key near the safe, then you're putting yourself at risk should you need to open your safe as fast as possible.

Another biometric gun safe benefit is that they provide the quickest access to your guns, which can be essential in a home defense scenario.

You don't want to search for your key or try to remember your combination if someone breaks into your home at night and your adrenaline is through the roof.

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A Variety of Sizes Available

Some of us live in apartments, where space is limited, while others just don't want a giant, 1-ton gun safe that takes five people to move.

Fortunately, gun safes come in plenty of sizes, so you can find one that fits your collection and your needs, whether that's a handgun safe, a rifle safe, or a 10-gun cabinet to hold a collection.

Of course, if you do want something to hold an extensive collection, there are plenty of larger gun cabinets available.

SnapSafe Treklite car Gun Safe Lock Box with TSA Combination Lock

Whenever possible, it's best to buy a gun safe larger than your current collection, unless you're sure you won't be obtaining any more guns.

Buy a safe that will fulfill your needs in the future so you don't have to upgrade later.

Theft Prevention

Your gun safe doesn't have to be for just your guns, either. You can also use it to protect jewelry, important documents, and any other items you want to keep safe.

Keep in mind that the size of your gun safe plays a big part in theft prevention.

A small safe may keep your guns locked up, but that doesn't help much if the thief can simply pick it up and leave your home.

protect your firearms from theft

If theft is one of your main worries, it's best to choose a large, heavy gun safe with thick steel to prevent a thief from prying it open with a crowbar.

Any safe can be cracked, but most criminals don't want to spend too much time at the scene of the crime. If they can't lift or open your safe within a couple minutes, they'll likely decide it isn't worth the risk.

Child Safety

Multiple states have laws designed to protect children from gun accidents.

The strictest laws of this nature are in Massachusetts, which requires gun owners to put their guns in a safe or use a trigger lock on them anytime they're not in use.

Other states have laws making it a crime to leave a gun anywhere a child could get a hold of it.

keep your children safe from guns

Even if your state doesn't have a law regarding this, it's still best to take child safety into account. You may not have children, but what if you have family or friends visiting?

Keeping your guns locked up in a safe can prevent a tragedy.

Fire Protection

In 2014, residential fires resulted in almost 7 billion dollars in damages. A fire can destroy everything in your home, including your guns.

Gun safes with fireproofing have fire insulating materials that provide some level of protection against fires.

These safes often go through fire rating tests to determine how resistant to fire they are.

Again, no gun safe is unbreakable or truly fireproof. Whether your safe holds up to a fire depends on the safe, the fire itself and the duration of the fire. But a safe provides an extra layer of protection that your guns wouldn't have otherwise.

Gun Safes Demonstrate Responsibility

Guns have been a hot button issue for a long time and gun owners often get a bad rap because of people who use guns irresponsibly.

Investing in a gun safe shows that you care about using and storing your guns responsibly.

Finding the best gun safe for your collection doesn't have to be hard. All you have to do is determine your primary needs in a safe and how much storage space you need.

Once you know that, you should be able to find quite a few excellent gun safes that fit your criteria.

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