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GunVault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe


GunVault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe

This gun safe model comes with plenty of space with biometric locking function, its locking mechanism based on computer blocking systems, ensure your firearms best protection.

  • Criteria : 

This safe made up with solid 16 gauge steel of the exterior body layer. Its construction dimension is 15” x 10.5” x 8.2” (H x W x D) with a weight of 14 lbs. Interior section coated with soft foam gives scratch free safety for firearms. No eye keypad allows storing over 12 million authorized user fingerprints. It has low battery and unauthorized or wrong press warning sound system. One 9V battery is added with safe. 5 years of warranty given from the Manufacturer Company.

  • Key Advantages :

This gun safe model contains adequate housing space, quick and easy accessibility and computer blocking based locking mechanism makes the safe trendy. Precise fittings allow preventing pry opening hand tools or from the hands of intruders. Its door is spring loaded. The excessive wrong press will start working computer blocking system and gives you warning with a beep sound, this beep sound can be disabled. Biometric locking with computer blocking mechanism allows accessing within few seconds. The gun safe has portable features and fixable in a solid desired place.


  • Hand shaped digital locking function
  • Over 12 mil. Of user, fingerprint can be stored
  • Computer blocking based locking mechanism
  • Interior section is soft foam coated gives you scratch less protection
  • Programmable electronic locking system
  • Beep sound system available in case of low battery and wrong press
  • No eye keypad available
  • Tamper notifying feature available
  • Ample of storing housing space allows you to store precious stuff with firearms.
  • It has spring loaded door for smooth handling
  • It's portable and fixable in a perfect place
  • One 9 V battery required to operate its locking system
  • 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer company

Cons :

  • Not fireproof or waterproof
  • Limited battery life warranty
  • Inner shelf not adjustable
  • Storing over user fingerprint may crash locking function
  • Power failure may delete stored database
  • Battery based device may damage in the event of emergency


Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe comes with programmable and manual backup locking systems ensure ultimate protection for your firearms. Its tamper detection sensor and warning system makes the gun safe trendy. Its unique memory capacity gives you to store more than 12 million authorized user fingerprints. Repeated wrong press of passcode will be blocked by computer blocked locking system and gives warning with beep sound. It can warn you in the case of low battery power helps to take proper maintenance. Its portable feature helps you to move any desired place either in the home or in office and it’s easy to fix in a solid place permanently. This safe has plenty of housing space allows storing ornaments, paper works, passport, cash and other stuff along with firearms. This safe comes with 5 years of warranty gives a long time secured firearm protection it also comes within your budget.

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