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Best Gun safes : Buying Guide For 2017

best gun safes

Buyers Guide

Best Gun safes : Buying Guide For 2017

“Being a gun safe owner means being responsible for your firearm actions.” The best gun safe is aimed to provide protection to your valuable firearms along with your interest. A firearm is extremely valuable to you as it reaches at your hand after countless efforts, legal procedures and with an exchange of cost. You need to purchase a gun then need to register it to get user license. A slight negligence in using and storing the firearm can cause lifetime loss to you. If you don’t own a quality gun safe for your firearm, then it may remain at high risk of damage, misuse or burglary. A gun safe becomes the Best Gun Safe for you by its credibility, lock strength, durability and rational price.

How To Buy A Gun Safe 

Gun safes safeguard your firearm and allow quick access to the use of the firearm in the emergency. Buying a gun safe is not a facile task as it requires an investment of a good amount of time and cost considerations. Again you need to focus on your firearm feature, portability of the safe, locking system, manufacturing quality, and durability of the safe. The best gun safe truly deserves an enlightening consideration.

“Think Before Buying, Don’t Buy Before Thinking”

Stewie Griffin
Home Safety Advisor                 

Consider Firearm features:

You have to figure out the feature of your firearm at first before going to purchase a gun safe. The type, size, and weight of the firearm will influence the ultimate gun safe type and feature. For example, a pistol needs a handy gun safe.

We Care Your Safety                 

Consider The Manufacturing Elements:

The high-quality gun safes have high-grade manufacturing materials for improved strengths and durability. The high thickness of the steel or lower gauge and strong lock mechanism is well known for harder and stronger security against burglary. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) guns safes ensures protection against fire, water, dust or other damages.

It,s all about safety

Consider Lock Mechanism:

The central focus of a gun safe is to ensure the safety of the firearm by its locking mechanism. There are various types of a lock system for gun safes which need your consideration.

In the case of dial combination, you need to move the dial in an accurate direction and stop at the pre-settled pass-code digit for four times. Experts put emphasize on these type of lock mechanism for better security.

In the case of digital keypad gun safes, you need to press the buttons for entering the passcode digits. In the case of the biometric lock, you need to program fingerprints for access. 

Consider Access And Durability:

Dial combination gun safes require a longer time to open the safe. But it is durable than the other gun safes. Digital keypad and biometric lock safes allow quick access to the user but they are electric so they are prone to go out of services fast.

Consider budget:

Top rated gun safes come with a high price and low rated gun safes with a cheap price. As a gun safe will serve you for a long period of time and it is related to the safety of your valuable firearm and your interest so try to get the high-quality gun safes at a good price for better and longer security.

Advantages Features  Of A Best Gun Safe :

The best gun safe protects your firearms from unauthorized users, fire, water, kids, and burglars. The requirement of the law is, “A responsible gun owner must own a quality gun safe for his firearm.” By having a certified gun safe you can escape from the legal punishment and penalty.

  • A gun safe helps you to have a quick access to your gun by its “Ready to Use” mode and use it in a shortest possible time at the time of an emergency. A high-grade gun safe has reliable manufacturing material and lock mechanism. It protects your gun from dirt, scratch, fire, moisture and theft. You can also store your tiny valuables safe such as money, phone, watch, passport, camera, bullets, valuable documents, jewelry in a gun safe.


  • Kids can hardly figure out the difference between a toy and a real bullet loaded gun. Three years old, Ryan Owens death case of 2010 shocked the whole world and raised a controversial question of the kids’ security. A gun safe hinders the kids’ access to the gun.


  • If a criminal takes away your gun from you and uses it in criminal activities then who will be held responsible? When negligence is yours, you will be held responsible for the misuse of your gun and not having a gun safe for your firearm.

Why Need a Gun safe?

As your personal safety and interest of your family and professional life is related with the firearm so you need to be more careful about maintaining and storing the firearm.

The best gun safe for your firearm will uphold you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The most important aspect of using a gun safe is for ensuring the safety and security of the deadly weapon. By owning a gun safe you can be a responsible firearm user.

Best Gun Safes Pick By The Experts -(Top 10)

1) BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe :

This model is in high demand for its biometric lock, mounting features and multiuser access to the safe. It comes to serve you with the following landmarks and benefits.


Biometric lock mechanism permits quick access to the safe and security of the firearms. Fingerprints can be programmed in the shortest time and multi-user access is possible. Noise free opening helps to open the safe secretly and use the firearm with an ease. One hand turn emotion is enough to open the safe. Outer space is saved by its slim and sleek design. Barrel holder holds two to three rifles along with other valuables and allows quick access to the rifles. The inner shelf is removable for added space. The safe can be mounted on wall or floor for better use and security. It is cost-effective.

2) GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe:

This model is popular for its biometric lock, desk storage facilities, and compact design. It comes to serve you with the following characteristics and prominence.


The strong steel construction and biometric lock mechanism ensure higher safety of the safe. Several fingerprints can be programmed easily. It stores the firearms in a quickly accessible mode. It is economical and can be used at home or professional places. It can be placed and hidden at any place like in the desk, below the bed near a desk. The sound of the keypad can be muted to have a silent and secure opening at the time of an emergency. If the battery power goes down, the user can have a backup access by the override keys. The inner foam protects the valuable belongings from damage and scratch. The firearm access takes the least time for its ready to use mode. 

3) BARSKA Biometric Safe :

This model is popular for its biometric lock access and mounting features. It is available for you with the following features and advantages.


Biometric lock mechanism enhances the securiBARSKA Biometric Safety of the safe and its belongings. No need to remember the password digits with this safe. It has a rock solid construction for better safety. It is cost effective and portable. It’s a perfect safe to carry in the traveling. It has a sufficient interior space so small and valuable things can be stored with the firearms and bullets. The fingerprint scanner is flexible to program fingerprints. Several users can gain access to the safe in case of any unexpected occurrences. The safe can be bolted on a solid space for more security or hiding from the kids and burglars. Rechargeable batteries can be used.


4) GunVault MicroVault Handgun Safe :

This model is crowd pleasing for its tamper detection, portable and nominal feature. It comes to serve you with the following landmarks and benefits.


The lightweight and compact design make the safe to looks like a notebook. It is comfortable to carry anywhere and comes within a small budget. The user can hide it anywhere and can also place in the vehicle. Inner soft foam line protects the belongings from scratch or damage. Strong construction and high strength locking feature make it more viable. Tamper detection feature with LED light and a beeping noise increase the safety of the gun safe more than ever before.

5) BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe :

This model is at the peak for its dual hydraulic hinge, hide able in drawer feature and protective floor mat. It comes to serve you with the following features and conveniences.BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe©


The biometric mechanism and strong construction ensure high strength security for the safe. As soon as the programmed fingerprint is entered to the safe, the hydraulic door system opens the safe’s door automatically. Pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware help to set the safe on any convenient place. Its large memory allows 30 fingerprints access. The fingerprints can be saved easily. Its size is compact and can store two firearms and their magazines at a time. The safe can be hidden in a cabinet or drawer as it has top opening feature. The smaller dimension makes it portable and it is available at the minimal budget.

6)Gunvault GV1000S Mini Vault Standard Gun Safe:

This model is popular for it tamper detection technique, confirmation for the correct code, audio feedback, and no eye keypad. It is available for you with the following attributes and advantages.


The fittings of the safe are so precise that it is quite impossible to pry open with the hand tools. The tamper detector and sound free opening feature enhances the security of the safe. The no eye keypad helps to open the safe and use the firearm in the dark. If repeated wrong keypad entry occurs then the automated computer block system blocks the entry of the safe. It is nominal and portable to anywhere for its lightweight. The bottom holes help to mount the safe on a permanent place for added security. For every successful keypad entry, the user can hear an audio confirmation.

7)BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

This model is popular for its biometric mechanism, reliable fingerprint scanner, and mounting features. It is available for you with the following characteristic and convenience.


Benefits :

Strong construction and biometric lock system are a means of high protection of the safe. It absolute lightweight allows the user to carry and hide the safe anywhere. Multiple user access is possible. The inner mat protects the belongings from getting damaged. Mounting hardware is included with the safe. The backups keys help to open the safe in case of battery power failure. The low battery warning is very useful for the users to change the battery on time. Though it has a small dimension but it can hold store two handguns together. The reliability of the fingerprint scanner enhances its adorability.

8)Verifi S6000 Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor

This model is crowd pleasing for its advanced management system of fingerprints and biometric lock. It comes to serve you with the following features and amenities.


Fingerprint scanning and programming is trouble-free. The inner LED light allows the user to see the articles in the dark. The user can turn off the light or can set a timer. The self-test feature helps the user to find out any kind of fault of malfunction quickly. After each use the door gets locked by itself. The safe can be opened silently, which means the user is able to open the safe and use the firearm in the emergencies without letting others know.

9)SentrySafe X055 Security Safe, 0.5 Cubic Feet, Black

This model is adored for its sub-compact model, electronic lock, and pry-resistant construction. It is available for you with the following landmarks and benefits.

SentrySafe X055 Security Safe, 0.5 Cubic Feet, Black

Electronic lock and strong construction make the safe reliable for storing firearms and other valuables. Concealed door hinges increase its security. The digits can be programmed by the user with his convenience. Three different colored LED lights guide the user to open the safe. The override keys help to open the safe in case of battery failure or forgetting the password. Its strong craft leads to use the safe for a long period of time. The carpeted interior works against scratches and other damages of the placed valuables. The safe provides a user manual to run the safe easily by the user.

Final Words : 

Here are Our Top 5 product Mini reviews. Those entire products we reviewed above have their own reputation in the Shop/Market Place.

I hope that this review will help you find the perfect and safest gun safety.

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