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BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe


BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

This safe model comes with mid-range swift and easily accessible function. The biometric locking mechanism allows fast access in the event of an emergency. BARSKA Quick Access Rifle safe trendy nowadays gives you following benefits.

  • Criteria : 

18 gauge absolute steel made safe comes with slim and sleek design, its weight 66 lbs. biometric locking mechanism provides ultimate security and safety, unique memory capacity allows to store more than 120 authorized fingerprints. Its construction measurement is 6.3” x 9.7” x 52” interior space having plenty of space to keep safe two or three Rifle at the same time. Its biometric locking function runs on 4 AA size battery that lasts for 2 years, for an emergency it provides 2 backup keys. One year warranty is given by the manufacturer.

  • Key Advantages :


This safe comes with predrilled mounting hardware and manual 3 points deadbolt locking system with biometric function. It has 4 section removable barrel to show ammo and rifle. Predrilled function allows you to secure the safe on the floor or with the wall permanently. This safe have noise free opening function helps you in the event of an urgent situation. The pretty slim secure exterior design gives swift access to firearms. It ensures security for your firearms and precious stuff.

Pros :

  • Biometric locking function
  • Can be kept always in ready mode
  • Whisper free opening
  • Predrilled mounting holes with 3 manual bolts
  • More than 120 fingerprints can be saved
  • 3 rifles at a time with valuables can be stored
  • Three manual bolts ensure security with 2 backup keys
  • It has four removable barrel gives extra housing space
  • Available at reasonable price
  • 4 AA size battery powered biometric function.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty

Cons :

  • Chance to damage electric function
  • No battery dead alert
  • Big in size, can’t be hidden from intruders
  • It has no portable feature
  • It’s not fireproof or waterproof


BARSKA Quick Access Rifle safe is trendy in the world of gun safes comes with biometric locking function, elegant and sleek design ensure extreme security, fingerprints can be stored and programmed easily. Its large memory capacity store 120 authorized fingerprints allows multiple access. Predrilled holes help to place safe at your desired position either in the home or in office. The safe contains 4 removable barrels gives plenty of space to store 3 rifles, magazine, and spare ammo at a time. The safe allows easy access to your firearms, one hand motion by the aid of biometric function. Elegant design prevents intruder or housebreakers to carry the safe, so thieves can’t run away with safe. Four AA size battery comes with 2 years of warranty allows ultimate usage biometric locking mechanism. The price of this safe is economical for you. Its features allow you to keep this safe always in ready mode to face uncertain incidents. The safe comes with one year warranty from the manufacturer company.

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