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BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe


BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

This gun safe comes with biometric fingerprint locking mechanism, micro dimension, reliable scanner and mounting features makes this safe trendy.

  • Criteria :

The gun safe constructed with solid steel, weight 12 lbs. its dimension measurement is 7.8” x 11.8” x 7.8” (H x W x D). This model is the smallest personal gun safe from BARSKA. Its memory space pretty good can store up to 30 authorized user fingerprints. Predrilled mounting holes available with safe. Its micro size allows easy portability, 2 manual deadbolt locking system available in case of battery failure. 4 AA size battery empowered its biometric locking system.

    • Key Advantages :

The safe has a compact design with fingerprint locking function. Its micro dimension enhances portability, multi-user access possible for its adequate memory storage capacity. It has easily programmable features helps to register authorized fingerprints in a second. Its compact design allows storing multiple handguns. Two dead bold manual locking systems with biometric function ensure extreme safeguard for firearms. It has opening sound but less than a whisper. This gun safe comes with back-up-keys, mounting hardware, and protective floor mat ensure strong safety. It has pre-drilled mounting holes to place the safe on any solid space like the floor, table, wall, shelf, drawer or any desired position either in the home or in office. It has sound system assure you low battery notification with beep sound. It comes with one year warranty.

Pros :

  • Elegant design and micro dimension
  • Biometric locking mechanism
  • It has portability features allows you to carry anywhere
  • Fast and easy access to the inner stored firearms
  • Floormate available gives smooth safeguard for your firearms and valuables
  • More than 30 fingerprints can be registered with its large memory
  • Its biometric locking function easy to program
  • Predrilled mounting holes with hardware available
  • Backup keys available for an emergency
  • It has dead bolt locking feature allows you smooth handling
  • Electronic locking function powered by 4 AA size batteries
  • It has easy programmable features allows to add or delete fingerprints
  • Battery durability at least for 2 years
  • One year warranty comes from manufacturers

Cons :

  • It has whisper noise opening
  • It’s not waterproof or fireproof
  • Battery power may fail in the event of emergency
  • Poor mounting hardware qualityhardware quality


Biometric locking function ensures extreme safeguard for your firearms and other valuable stuff like, ornaments, cash, medicine, paper works and passport. It has fast and easy accessibility in the event of an emergency. The safe comes with micro dimension ensure portability allows to carry anywhere even during travel. Its mini size makes this safe hide able allows you to hide the safe from the reach of infants or from intruders. It's economical, means comes within your budget. It comes with two deadbolt locking mechanism creates small whisper sound in the opening. Its biometric locking function easy to program, it can store 30 registered user fingerprints. It has back-up-keys in the case of battery power deficiency, comes with 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer company.


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