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Welcome to the you have arrived the right place now. You can get the gun safe reviews,buying guides,safety tips, gun safe news etc.
There are lots of gun safe in the marketplace but you choose right gun safe for you. The best gun safe protects you from any safety problems.

Key Points Before Purchasing A Gun Safe : 

Key Points Before Purchasing A Gun Safe

Ultimate purchasing decision is confused by the wrong information of several products and fraudulent promises of the manufacturers. That’s why some key points need to be focused at the time of purchasing the  gun safe to avoid deception.

Size, Gauge And Security Rating:

Determine the size of the gun safe at first. There are various types and features are available in the market. Then you need to consider the steel thickness known as the gauge, lower gauge ensures higher security. For example, 12 gauge gun safe is better than the 10 gauge. Inner side door hinges are more secure for its concealable nature.

Quality gun safes possess high UL (Underwriters Laboratories) rating. Fire resistant gun safes protect the inner valuables for maximum 60 minutes. But fire proof gun safes are made of 16-18 gauge steel which means it is at the high risk of burglary.



Lock Mechanism:

If you want a greater security for your firearm then dial lock safe is made for you. The electronic and biometric lock is both safe and fleet. If you want to have a combination of the mechanical and electrical lock then pick the redundant lock.Lock Mechanism:



You will get a variety of gun safes that are handy, mountable on the floor, shelf, wall, and the desk. If you want to carry the safe with you then handy gun safes are good for you. If you want to fasten your safe then choose mountable gun safes.

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